We are proud to be supporting the national emergency effort

We are very proud of our colleagues who have been working hard over recent weeks to manufacture products being supplied into the NHS to help the fight against Coronavirus.

Colleagues at our Breasley Foam conversion site have been busy manufacturing vital equipment including hospital mattresses, trolleys and operating table foams, specialist cushions to reduce pressure sores among at-risk patients and positional aids (head, chest, leg and arm) for intensive care units for patients in the prone position on ventilators. The shaped foam pieces are designed to keep patients more comfortable while also enabling airway tubes and drips to be connected.

Products have been sent straight to the front line, including the newly commissioned Nightingale Hospital in London and Manchester Royal Infirmary Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Over the past five weeks we have also provided health services in Italy and Germany with essential supplies.

A dedicated team of 14 volunteer employees is working on the national emergency supplies manufacturing solely for NHS requirements. In addition to vital hospital equipment we are also producing visor strips for personal protective equipment (PPE); protective packaging inserts for virus testing equipment and kits; and protective transit packaging for ventilator parts being produced by Rolls Royce in Derby.

We are all working hard to support our NHS at this time and we are extremely proud of our entire team for their effort and commitment